Lose Weight Through Juice Diet

Lose Weight Safely Through Juice Diet Have you gone through a lot of fad diets and crash diet programs out of desperation to lose weight? Did it work? I’m sure it didn’t, because I have already been through all of those things and nothing really works. Sure, crash diets might seem like they’re effective, especially […]

How to Lose Weight the Fun Way

If you’re like me, you probably hate exercising too. And that would have been acceptable, in a way, if you’re thin. But if you’re more than 20 pounds overweight, that could really present a problem. For overweight people, exercising is a must, whether we like it or not. Now, you know that maintaining the proper […]

The importance of a PCOS Diet Plan

Being an overweight female lead to many issues for me and caused me to change my eating and dietary habits. It also lead me to have issues conceiving a child so I started to improve my diet with many things in mind.

Establishing good dietary habits is a key to restoring and keeping good health for women who suffer with PCOS. One of the reasons that diet is such an important issue is that insulin resistance is a common problem for women with PCOS. This causes the pancreas to produce additional insulin, and high insulin levels are a primary cause of the development of polycystic ovaries, and other symptoms of PCOS. Therefore, it is vital that women with PCOS maintain a healthy diet in order to regulate their insulin levels.

The PCOS diet plan Pinterest page explain several keys to having success. First, foods with a high glycemic index should be avoided, because they raise blood sugar levels to unhealthy levels. Some of the most common foods on the high glycemic list that should generally be avoided include: white rice, white potatoes, white bread, bagels, cakes, muffins, pies, and pasta. Second, daily products should be limited, because milk products raises testosterone levels.

PCOS sufferers are prone to higher than normal testosterone levels, so too much dairy can lead to worsening of symptoms. A third food area to avoid are certain types of fats. Saturated fats, such as those found in dairy products and red meat, should be avoided. Additionally, hydrogenated fats and trans-fats such as those found in processed food products and margarine create a greater risk of diabetes, which is already a potential health issue for women with PCOS. Finally, sugary drinks such as soft drinks and sweetened juices should never be consumed.

There are a number of wholesome, nutritious foods that a PCOS patient should incorporate into the daily diet. At the top of the list are green, leafy vegetables. They are nutrient rich, and provide significant doses of Vitamin B, which is very helpful in managing PCOS due to its ability to help balance hormones, and metabolize fats and sugars.

Bright colored vegetables, such as squash, zucchini, and sweet potato are an excellent source of anti-oxidants, and should be included in one’s daily diet. A variety of fruits are also very healthy for those with PCOS. At first, the thought of eating fruit may seem counter-productive because it is a source of natural sugars. However, there are fruits that are lower on the glycemic index which are very helpful in managing PCOS symptoms.

These include: plums, peaches, apricots, grapefruit, pears, grapes, and apples. Nuts and seeds are a good source of healthy fats and essential fatty acids, which are vital to maintaining proper hormone balance. High fiber cereals and complex carbohydrate based cereals such as oatmeal are also a good choice. As far as protein-based foods, lean meats such as chicken and fish are good options. Other excellent sources of protein include beans, peanut butter, hummus, and eggs. This PCOS Twitter Page explains some additional food nutrition guidelines to follow.

As far as meals, eating several smaller meals daily, along with an occasional snack of nuts or fruit, will help to regulate blood sugar levels. The key is to never wait until one becomes too hungry, but instead to keep oneself well nourished throughout the day. Finally, drinking plenty of water, up to a half gallon per day, is necessary to keep the system flushed out, and keep the cells and organs of the body well hydrated.

With consistency and daily monitoring of one’s nutritional habits, good health can be obtained and maintained even with PCOS.

How hunting with an air rifle can keep you in shape

Hunting can provide exercise while enjoying your favorite sport

Hunting has been around since the beginning of man. For thousands of years, humans have hunted as a means of survival. Not only did hunting help to feed the families of our fore fathers but it also helped them stay in shape. Many people who only shop in the grocery store for their food doesn’t realize just how much they are missing out on. Working for your food in a physical way can help you avoid injury and disease.

Many hunters are in great shape and a lifetime of hunting will help you stay fit and healthy in order to live a long and fruitful life. Not only will you get a free workout while hunting but you will also get out into nature which has been proven to relieve stress.

Different kinds of hunting and how each can provide physical fitness.

  • Deer hunting is a great way to get a workout without going to the gym. Even before the hunting season starts, deer hunters are out walking the woods and scouting out places to place stands in which to hunt from. All this walking in often not on level terrain and is a great workout for the leg muscles. Once deer season has begun, deer hunters often climb long ladders to get to their tree stands. This climbing is good for both the leg muscles and the arms and will help hunters build their upper body strength. Also, hauling all those heavy deer stands around will help your heart work and give it a good workout.
  • Duck hunting is another great sport that will get you into shape. Often times, the area where duck hunting takes place is remote and only reachable by boat. Many duck hunters lug decoys and duck blinds to these remote locations and this helps to build strength. Also, many hunters choose to use canoes which are paddle diven. This paddling motion is a great way to build those arm muscle and helps you establish stronger core muscles at the same time. Once the hunt is over, all that gear has to be brought back home and once again the hunter gets strength building workout that he or she can be proud of.
  • Bow hunting can be done with many types of game including deer, bear, and even turkey. To be a successful bow hunter, one must possess both arm strength and core muscle control in order to accurately take down big game. Bow hunters have to hold in position sometimes more than 20 minutes before releasing the arrow and this takes a lot of strength.
  • Rabbit hunting is a fast paced sport and hunters have to move fast in order to make the hunt a successful one. All that running around chasing rabbits and the dogs used to hunt them is a great way to get a cardio workout. The terrain is often full of obstacles so rabbit hunters really get a workout, and at the end of the day most of them can really feel it.
  • Squirrel hunting might be a little known sport in many parts of the country but for some folks it’s a fun way to get some exercise. Chasing around those fast animals while trying to bag a few for dinner will really get your heart racing. As they jump from tree to tree it’s hard to keep up with them and hunters really get a good workout. With the use of air rifles, some of the best squirrel hunting can often be done without even needing a gun license which makes it easier access to more people. In fact if this peaks you’re interest you can find some of the best air rifles here.

Now that you know hunting is a proven way to stay in shape, why not get involved?

If you are looking for something exciting that can relieve stress and get you in shape, why not take up hunting? It’s a great way to achieve both of these goals while having fun and putting some meat on the dinner table. Why rely on the gym and the grocery store when you can get the benefits of both just by having a fun day of hunting in the back country.
For those who want to hunt, there are many federal hunting lands around the country as well as private lands that can be rented out. So, if you are interested first get your license and start looking for that perfect spot to hunt.